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Titan Hybrid Home Warm White Oak

Titan Hybrid Home Warm White Oak

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Elevate your home's interior with the timeless beauty of Titan Hybrid Home Warm White Oak, available exclusively at Premium Flooring Australia. Crafted with precision, this rigid core vinyl floor features classic-sized planks, making it the perfect flooring choice for smaller homes, apartments, or rental properties.

Experience peace of mind with Titan Hybrid Home Warm White Oak, as its fully waterproof design ensures exceptional resistance against moisture. Install this flooring in any room, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas, without worrying about water damage. The integrated acoustic underlay enhances the sound insulation, creating a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home.

With its innovative click plank system, installing Titan Hybrid Home Warm White Oak is a seamless process. Whether you have a concrete subfloor, tiles, or existing flooring, this versatile vinyl floor can be easily installed on all types of flat surfaces, offering a hassle-free solution for your flooring needs.

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