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Quick-Step Massimo Dark Chocolate Oak Extra Matt

Quick-Step Massimo Dark Chocolate Oak Extra Matt

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Indulge in Luxury with Premium Flooring Australia's Dark Chocolate Oak Extra Matt Timber Flooring

Discover the richness of Dark Chocolate Oak Extra Matt Timber Flooring, a stunning addition to the renowned Quick-Step Massimo collection, available exclusively at Premium Flooring Australia. This distinctive flooring option brings a dark and creamy texture to your home, creating an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.

The Quick-Step Massimo collection is celebrated for its large and long planks, allowing for a seamless installation process that saves you time and effort. With exceptional craftsmanship, these planks are designed to fit together effortlessly, ensuring a flawless finish for your flooring project.

Embrace the allure of aged beauty with the Dark Chocolate Oak Extra Matt Timber Flooring. Each plank is meticulously crafted with worn edges and cracked knots, adding character and depth to your space. The result is a stunning, aged appearance that exudes luxury and timeless charm.

Not only does the extra matt finish of this timber flooring enhance its visual appeal, but it also offers superior protection and durability. The protective coating ensures that your floors remain fresh and well-maintained for years to come, while adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your interior design.

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