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Quick-Step Majestic Blackbutt

Quick-Step Majestic Blackbutt

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Elevate your home with Premium Flooring Australia's Blackbutt Laminate Flooring from the prestigious Quick-Step Majestic range. Designed to impress, this collection showcases the longest and widest laminate planks in the Quick-Step family, bringing a sense of grandeur to any space. With 10 captivating designs, each meticulously crafted to mirror the beauty of world-class hardwoods, your floors will exude sophistication and elegance in every detail.

Experience the realism of wood with the unique bevel technology, which adds an authentic touch to your laminate flooring. The beveled edges create depth and definition, giving the appearance of real wood planks. With Quick-Step Majestic, your floors will look as good as the genuine article.

But it doesn't end there. The Majestic range offers more than just aesthetic appeal. These laminate floors feature a waterproof surface, ensuring superior durability and peace of mind. With its remarkable wearability, the Quick-Step Majestic collection delivers both style and functionality for your home.

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