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Quick-Step Eligna Newcastle Oak Dark

Quick-Step Eligna Newcastle Oak Dark

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Elevate your space with the luxurious Newcastle Oak Dark Laminate Flooring from Premium Flooring Australia. The deep, rich tones of these exquisite panels add a touch of opulence and bring a designer flair to any residential or commercial setting. Whether you have a period home or a contemporary space, the Newcastle Oak Dark Laminate Flooring is sure to make a statement and become a captivating feature in your interior design.

Experience the renowned quality and craftsmanship of the Quick-Step Eligna collection, a name trusted and celebrated in over 100 countries since its establishment in Australia in 1995. The collection boasts a bevel-free design and features advanced waterproof surface technology, ensuring durability and protection against moisture. The elegant 8mm thick panels provide a seamless and flawless appearance, effortlessly covering any environment. With their unique length and width, these hard-wearing panels offer a timeless and sophisticated flooring solution.

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