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Defined Charm Carpet

Defined Charm Carpet

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Welcome to Premium Flooring Australia's wool collection, where you'll find the exceptional Defined Charm carpet, offering both elegance and resilience underfoot. Proudly Australian-made, this range brings timeless charm to your home without compromising on durability and resistance.

Crafted with 100% renewable fibers, Defined Charm is an environmentally responsible choice. Experience the comfort and warmth it brings to your living spaces, as this natural insulator keeps your home cozy in winter and cool in summer. Its acoustic benefits make it perfect for larger spaces like lounges and bedrooms.

In busy family homes, Defined Charm shines with its resistance to tracking and shading caused by furniture. The loop pile wool carpet retains its shape over time, showing remarkable resilience against flattening. Pure wool brings additional benefits, including hypoallergenic properties, eco-friendly manufacturing, and resistance to flame, water, and staining.

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