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Country Texture Carpet

Country Texture Carpet

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Premium Flooring Australia presents Country Texture, an exclusive addition to our wool collection, available only at Carpet Court. Crafted from 100% pure Berber wool and proudly Australian-made, this range offers unmatched comfort, resilience, and style.

With its renowned durability, Berber carpets are the perfect choice for active households. Select Country Texture for your hallway, stairs, or any high-traffic area in your home, knowing it will stand up to the demands of everyday life. As a pure wool carpet, this collection comes with numerous benefits, including hypoallergenic properties, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and natural resistance to water and flames.

Country Texture boasts exceptional stain resistance, thanks to the unique arrangement of Berber fibres that keep spills on the surface of the carpet. This feature makes cleaning up accidents a breeze, making this collection an excellent option for low-maintenance living. Additionally, Berber wool's natural lighter color with flecks of darker shades helps camouflage marks and spills, creating a beautiful design on your floor.

Furthermore, Country Texture exhibits high resistance to tracking and shading caused by furniture. The thickness of this loop pile carpet ensures it resists flattening, crushing, and loss of original fiber shape over time, maintaining its integrity and appearance regardless of your decor and furniture choices.

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